Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today's Gratitudes

I continue to do my part in this crap economy with my increased restaurant food budget:

Today I went to Francesca Amici's and got : A Caprese Salad with cucumbers instead of tomatoes and their olive oil/basil and parmesean to dunk a 1/2 loaf of bread in. Yummy.
My mom came over just as I was sitting down to enjoy and she got a fork and DUG in. No lefteovers for me. She ate the crusts of the bread and I ate the insides. (Too hard for my canky chemo-mouth)

I re-discovered spanish rice...ate mostof the package yesterday, and bought out Dominick's today.

My Mom: she came over and took me for errands. Barbara continues to be an incredible source of goodness and light in me and my family's life.

Just got home from Michaela's ortho appt. 2 more visits and she'll be railroad-track free!

Sorry if a boring post. I very very tired

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