Sunday, May 24, 2009

Re-Cap on Girl's Night

Friday was another Love-Fest Extraordinaire with the arrival of my Gal-Pals, all but ONE I've known since grade school.

  • Lots of wine (too bad it tastes like battery acid and burns my mouth - God, I Miss you, wine)
  • Lots of laughs, re-hashing of high-school things better left un-hashed!
  • A confession or two
  • The open, honest curious and questioning conversations that come so easily to a group of female friends- wives, mothers, career-women.

And, as Penny eloquently said- "Why were we so bad at getting together once or twice a year? How pathetic" So we have a pact/goal to get together monthly. I'm ready to venture, so we'll go to Penny's next. Can't wait.

My Girls also adopted my neighbor Gail Buckley, the Angel of all Angels in my journey. Thanks ladies!

The only bummer of the night was the fact that Peggy McBean Tomasoni, was unable to break away from work. I suggest we bring the party to her store, so we can bring the love her way! We missed you Peggy!!!!

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