Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today's Gratitudes

  • Had a WONDERFUL visist with my brother Kevin, last night. Not sure why it was "different" but he just started out with an hilarious story and it flowed from there.

  • My Continued, nearly miraculous healing- the strength and stamina and ability to participate in the most simplest of daily life is a TRUE blessing.

  • Lee was in Akron, OH yesterday- fly in & out. Of course the weather played it's evil tricks and he got home at 10:30mpm instead of 6PM. But so thankful he's home safe & sound.

  • The phone call from Father Tony, my pastor at Mary Queen, wanting to have another visit. A month or so ago, he came to my home and did the Prayer of the Sick. It was BEAUTIFUL. This man is a treasure. When I was attending church, I actually sat straight and listened and really thought about his sermons.

    No floody-floody from the rain last night!

    I'm off to get a full day of Shrinky Juice. My prayer for today:

    Please let all the DRs and Nurses that work with me today use their knowledge and other gifts to help me and my cancer colleagues heal .


  1. Hey Peggers,just stopping in to say I love you and miss you:) Perhaps next week we can get together for lunch, let me know:)



  2. Hi Peggy,

    I have enjoyed your blogs.....Julie has kepted me updated with your updates and glad that you are having more good days!!!! I have kepted you my prayers and will continue to do so.... I am so glad that you have been able to get out in this nice weather and enjoy life with your family and friends.... I know that has helped my mother over this past year.., Keep the faith and courage you have!!! Little Gabby sends you hugs and kisses!

    Love Lisa Phelps