Saturday, May 16, 2009

The re-humanization of Peggy..can you say Shopping?

Three days post full Chemo Cocktail and Miss Peggy is holding firm. I'm rockin' it people!
Ok, Ok, lest I get too cocky, I am having that nasty rash painting me Fugly, but, hey, that I can do. I guess the only thing I'll need to get used to on that front, is people staring at me in public, wondering what kind of skin affliction I have. Yes, people STARE.

So, my wonderful angel-Sister Katie and her daughter Julia, arrived at 10:30 a.m., ready to take me and Michaela to Oak Brook Mall, so I can get some clothes to fit my bony-ass. We got home at 3:30pm! Yes, 3:30, I LASTED, walking and shopping for 5 HOURS.

We had a wonderful "ladies who lunch" lunch, at Antico Posto - I ate 2 pieces of bread soaked in olive oil, and had some broccoli shrimp pasta. So some good fat and carbs.

This was a real milestone for me - not only having the stamina to walk the mall that long, but just being out in public, being in a restaurant and having to manage my "personal hygiene" issues (aka the Poo-Pouch).

At about 3:00 PM, I sat in a chair in Nordstrom's shoe department, waiting for Kate & Julia. My eyes were at half-mast, but I opened one eye, spotted a pair of Orange sandals across the aisle and high-tailed it to the shoe department. Two pair of shoes later, I finished my fabulous, wonderful day.

Tomorrow, I will go out in public yet again, to attend Colleen's concert for Spirito! I'm not supposed to be in enclosed crowded spaces, so I'll sit off-side, with a pretty yellow face mask, and enjoy the gorgeous music.

I continue to be so greatful for my Abundant Blessings on this Cancer journey, which include all of you, my "God Squad". I would not be progressing as well as I am if it were'nt for all of you!

XOXO , Peggy


  1. You are like the bestest person in the whole wide world! I love you!!!


  2. It always makes my day when I can read your post and know you are doing so great! My prayers continue...xoxo deana

  3. i love you aunt Peggy! and yes! I'm so happy you put me in your blog. I had a great day with you! And can't wait for another one. :) <3

    I love you,
    Juju <3 :)

  4. I love you too JuJu- you are one awesome girl!

    aunt Peggy