Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Hate My Stoma Today

Just a Pity party post:

Dear Stoma: I'm starting to resent your existence. I know my plumbing had to be re-wired, and I'm thankful my colon tumor is gone. But, right now, you are itching and gurgling and I need to wait a few hours for you to slow down so I can change this poo bag. I am also hoping I'm not getting some infection around Ole' Stumpy. So $@%$ You and the Horse You Rode In on.

thanks for letting me vent

p.s. translations for Peggy-isms: Poo-Bag - Ileostomy Pouch; Stumpy= Stoma


  1. Vent away girl!! You deserve it!! I left this comment courtesy of Two Peas

  2. You should write a book on Peggy-isms - and you are a natural blogger and a talented writer. I've read your posts and comments and your humor and Peggy positivity shine through. I love you old friend and roomie, and hope to get to Chicago soon to see you. xoxo Lori Lu

  3. Thanks for the kudos Lori Lu. Talking & writing about what you know combined with my nasty sense of humor is very satidfying for me, I must say. I'd love to get my blog out there for people in my situation. Not sure how to go about it.
    And we definieltey need to have a 4-hour gab fest and catch up. I love getting to know you again via fb etc..xoxox Peg