Monday, May 25, 2009

Taking a Break from Perky Positive Peggy

Stumpy is bothering me. My Skin around the stump is red and itchy and burned ( Excoriated)from the "output" seeping under the disk attached to my stump and stomach.

I had a Filet O Fish and a Chocoloate Shake (only a few sips) for Breakfast, that is GROSS and wrong on so many levels.

I Miss:
  • Food on My Terms
  • The way food USED to taste.
  • Wiping My Ass
  • My "Before" Clothes
  • Wearing MakeUp/Clear Skin
  • Stamina
  • Q-Tip Satisfaction: I no longer produce ear wax, no need to Q-tip. Freaky, I know.
  • Fitting into my Bras- I used to somewhat dislike my large Marges, now I miss them
  • Diet Pepsi: The bubbly, crisp, sweet drink in the middle of the work day. I drank mayb 3 per week, not a soda-aholic by any means. Any carbonated drink tastes like acid.
  • Ketchup: How can I eat my diet of hamburgers without it? i need a condiment, damn it. The acidity of the tomato is not a pretty thing for my tongue, throat, tummy. On the same vein, I miss MY homemade Spaghetti Sauce.(gravy, for my Italian friends). My red sauce was soooo my comfort food.

Pity Party Over. Pessemistic Peggy Has Left The Building.

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