Thursday, May 14, 2009

What the Heck- Luckey Girls down

Michaela is home from school today- her face is flushed, no fever, bloodshot eyes and tummy ache.

Colleen broke out in some nasty rash on her face- turns out it is Impetigo- very contagious. She also has PINKEYE. My girl just can't catch a break. Between managing her blood clot and cumadin levels and just getting her complexion back so pretty, now this. We'll need to do some major disinfecting at the Luckey house today. Hope I don't get it!!!

Pretty Ironic when I'm the one person in the house feeling really GOOD today!

Lee & I had an outing today-we went and got our haircut. It felt so good to have a fresh cut and style after 2 months. And the girls at the Shear Encounter Salon just Love my Lee- and helped him move on from the Hughy Lewis style he's been sporting since we started dating!


  1. Good lord Peg I've been there done that. I think I was about 8 or 9 when I got it. Sorry to hear that Michaela has it, I gotta believe the treatments for it now a days is better than what I had to Hugs and kisses to everyone!


  2. Peggy,
    Just started reading your blog and I have to say you are quite the creative writer!! Art, Scott, Abby and I are so happy that your chemo is working and all say "Hi" and want to know when they get to see you! What a trooper you are! Keep up the positive attitude. Again if you need anything please call anytime.....