Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just Call Me "Bag Lady"- Is there an extra charge by the airlines for my 2 Bags and a Port?

Wearing my 13 year old's shorts, the bra that I used to fill and my Chemo Bag, which comes home with me Wed thru Fri. I spared you the photos of my Poo Bag and Stumpy. (You're welcome!) Oh, you can kind of see my porta-cath too. I wonder if I would get charged extra by the airlines for my 2 Bags and a Port?


  1. Peggy - one of your many gifts is your sense of humor - I've always loved you for that! Honestly honey, you look just like you did 20 years ago ♥ ....and only you could make "Bag Lady" the height of fashion in that very familiar, signature pose of yours. Love you - you're in my prayers every day. xoxo Lori

  2. My husband JUST got on the blog and is mortified that I posted this incriminating phot0

  3. Tell Lee to relax, I think you look awesome!!!