Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Words Schmerdz

It's amazing all the clutter that goes through your mind when you are wide awake at 2:00 a.m.

Whenever a disease or some type of health concern strikes you or a family member, the patient and the caregivers are thrown into sea of information, data, statistics, etc applicable to that disease. Words that you never heard or read now have meaning, and they roll off your tongue so easily.

So here are the words I NEVER heard of before my diagnosis:

Stoma: an artificial opening between two hollow organs or between one hollow organ and the outside of the body, constructed to permit the passage of body fluids or waste products.

Ileostomy:the construction of an artificial opening from the ileum through the abdominal wall, permitting drainage of the contents of the small intestine.

Ostomate: That's ME. A person who has undergone an ostomy.

The other flurry of new words that becomes part of your world has to do with Drugs. For a person who has been healthy all her life, aspirin and the occasional antibiotic was about as sophisticated as I got in terms of prescription drugs. That of course has changed. As part of my post-op recovery and pain and sleep management, I've been prescribed: 2 different pain relievers, 2 anti nausea pills, 1 sleep aid, 1 antacid, 2 different anxiety pills. I still can't remember or pronounce the names, Lee & I just write on the bottle the Purpose of the pill, which helps keep it straight. Just so you know, I am only taking the nausea pills (for chemo) and a sleep aid. Man, I wish I held stock in CVS Pharmacy!

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  1. Hi Peg, Its me, Brigette. Thought I would share...talked to an old friend of ours yesterday. He was diagnosed almost 7 years ago with Multiple Myloma, Blood Cancer (Sam Walton, the Walmart guy, had it.) Anyway, Otis is now cancer free for 5 years. He is working, active and feeling great at 50! I know it may seem like a long road to health but I have faith in you and the power of prayers and love that you are surrounded with. We all continue to pray for you. Hugs, Brig